Have to struggle with body-shaming: Lisa Ray

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Actress Lisa Ray says she is proud of her body, but still has to struggle with body-shaming. “I understand that. We have a lot of trolling and things like that. I’m very proud of what I am today but honestly, I have to fight him too,” Lisa told IANS here.

Criticizing the “unrealistic aspirations” that women put up with to get a desired body type, she called sensitization. We have to stop putting these unrealistic aspirations and have to start with the media. There are both photo-shopping and stuff … taking place in the media. I think we all love beautiful images, but we must also understand what will make those images, “said Lisa, who was here to launch diamond watches by Swiss watchmaker Rado, a cancer survivor, she . says he is aware of his age, but is practical in view of aging, “I am very happy and comfortable in my own skin today, but I’m 43 now and obviously I’m never going to look like when I was 20,” he said.

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