James Horner was the heart of ‘Titanic’: James Cameron

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Having worked with composer James Horner in three large projects in Hollywood, his death was a personal loss to James Cameron who was waiting to reteam with new musician in sequels to “Avatar”.
James Horner died in a plane crash on Monday. He was 61. Cameron and Horner, who first worked together in 1986 on “Aliens” was associated in iconic films “Titanic” and “Avatar”.
“He was very young 61 and raring to go on that. I’m not thinking about the problem of replacing James now. I’m just feeling very, very sad that I will not experience the work in new equipment. We were both anxious to return to do so, “Cameron said Entertainment Weekly while paying tribute to Horner.
As they started off on a bad start in “Aliens,” Cameron said when he was making “Titanic” Horner approached again as he wanted the best for the film. James Horner won two Oscars for the period romance.
“He was the heart of the film, absolutely. And you could say that, literally, too, because he wrote the music for the song,” My Heart Will Go On “, which was both propulsion of pop culture film. The album score is still today the highest grossing instrumental soundtrack of all time, “Cameron said.
The director said he had met Horner just six weeks ago to a live performance of “Titanic” at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
“It was a very good meeting. Me and Jon Landau, my co-producer, had flown only to pay tribute to James. Jon and I ended up on the podium to make a bow at the end, but James made us do. I resisted because I wanted out all the night. We were there only to honor him, very consciously. And they say, ‘Look what this amazing artist created’ “Cameron said.

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