Rohit Shetty gifts Shah Rukh Khan a new ride – Harley Davidson

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Rohit Shetty loves to spoil their players especially Shah Rukh Khan, who is currently filming for ‘Dilwale’ director in Hyderabad. Rohit Shah Rukh Khan presented with a new ride – a gleaming Harley Davidson.

SRK took to Twitter to share the news with their fans, along with a photograph, the publication ‘not lead by example in joint Dilwale more’. This is not the first time that Rohit Shetty Shah Rukh Khan has presented a set of wheels. When the team ‘Dilwale’ initially began shooting in Bulgaria in June, Rohit Shetty Shah Rukh presented with a bicycle to help recover from knee surgery that the actor had suffered. Shah Rukh Khan is involved fairly deep with ‘Dilwale’ and published about long days and nights of equal length. SRK meanwhile had also given a bicycle for Rohit Shetty during the filming of ‘Chennai Express’.

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