Shilpa Shetty: Won’t make a ‘comeback’ as people think

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Actress Shilpa Shetty says she has started reading scripts appear in movies, but not going to call as a “comeback” as the way people generally call him.
“Every day I end up coming on the screen, for some reason, at least on the small screen. I was not even thinking about it (films) but now (son) Viaan soon turn three and a half years. He is spending more time at school, so I started reading scripts. And 2-3 scripts I’ve read were not up to mark.
“It really has to be a fascinating for me to film, something I have not done before. And I will not make a comeback or something similar, like the way people call. I just want to do something that interests me as actor, “said Shilpa questions if she would be seen in the movies again.

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